Protect Your Natural Hair with Wrap My Nin3 Satin Bonnets and Head Wraps

It's about time we admit that satin bonnets are real-life superheroes, saving hair from breakage and dehydration EVERY SINGLE DAY! Historically, bonnets have been worn overnight to maintain that brand new hair-do from becoming undone and to keep a greased scalp from ruining fresh linens.

Our current abnormal circumstances have created a greater need for social distancing and working from home. Bonnets, scarves, wraps, and sleep caps are being worn longer than overnight and extended wear has crept into the next day. For that reason (and a few others you can find in the video below), that standard-issue black satin cap from the local beauty supply store just won't do! We need greater protection for our tresses and we don't want to sacrifice style in the process. That is why you need a new bonnet from Wrap My Nin3.

My double-sided Wrap My Nin3 Satin Bonnet stayed on all night while I slept and was the perfect covering while I deep conditioned my hair. I also received a matching scarf which laid my edges perfectly. Both are made of high-quality satin for added protection, for my low porosity hair. When you click the YouTube video above, you can learn more about this bonnet brand.

You will look great in your Wrap My Nin3 Satin Bonnet during the next Zoom call or when you happen to catch the Amazon deliveryman just before he drives away. Greet everyone you see (virtually or otherwise) with a beaming smile that is as luminous as your new Wrap My Nin3 Satin Bonnet. If you are really fancy, you can even have a personalized bonnet created just for you, made in the color you want and your choice of wording. And if you are homeschooling, why not get matching bonnets for you and your mini-me? Mommy and Me Bonnets are also available!

Scrunchies, headbands, wraps, edge scarfs, durags, and BONNETS can be found at Sizes range from infants, 13-15 inches to adults, 18-22 inches. Purchase your copy of the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide, Black-Owned Business Coupon Book for $3.99 and you will find inside a 15% off discount for Wrap My Nin3 products as well as discounts from 60+ participating businesses.

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