Purpus Laundry Detergent Supports Those on the Autism Spectrum

In 2018 the CDC determined that approximately 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls. Most children were still being diagnosed after age 4, though autism can be reliably diagnosed as early as age 2. - Autism Speaks

Photo Credit: Terry Colbert, Purpus

One man, Terry Corbett, was inspired by is daughter Riley to create a household cleaning product with a purpose. Riley is on the autism spectrum and it was Terry's mission to be a better father, a better man, a better neighbor, and a better friend upon receiving the news of Riley's condition.

Photo Credit: Terry Colbert, Purpus

After creating a custom clothier career over a span of 25+ years for gentlemen in Finance, Politics, Sports and Medicine, Terry left his thriving business to develop Purpus Detergent. Terry created Purpus to help raise funds for education, awareness and research for all on the Autism Spectrum.

I reviewed Purpus Detergent along with 5 other black owned brands and the cleaning power was incredible, just like the company's mission. Which brand cleaned the best? Purpus was in a tie with another brand with results you can see!

PURPUS - A Detergent with a Purpose, a socially responsible Plant-Based Detergent that fights Autism one bottle at a time. April is World Autism Month and April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. This month was the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the creator of Purpus.

Photo Credit: Terry Colbert, Purpus

MRTV: You have such an inspiring story. How well have you been able to transition from couture fashion to selling laundry detergent?

TC: The transition has been very tough learning a new business but also very rewarding knowing that I’m contributing to helping someone’s child. When I look into my child eyes, I see them through they eyes of every parent who just wants the very best for their loved one.

MRTV: You have been seen going to door-to- door in your community in New York, selling bottle after bottle of Purpus detergent? Describe the response from your local community?

TC: The response from the community has been great. The more people learn about our mission the more support we receive. Awareness is really the key. The more people know the more support you receive. But, it’s not easy being a 1 man show to be honest. But, I’m in it because this is much bigger than me; this is about our kids.

MRTV: Purpuse is 100% plant-based, free & clear, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, aroma-therapeutic, no phosphates, no dyes, no chlorine, no synthetic fragrance. How does your organic detergent impact the health and wellness of someone who is autistic?

TC: The goal is to offer our children and country an alternative to the harmful ingredients their currently using. Most people don’t know how these chemicals affect our health, environment, air, sea, land and water.

MRTV: You were able to find support for Riley and for yourself, as a parent of a child with autism. Tell me more about your relationship with Lucina Clarke, Co-founder and Executive Director of My Time, Inc.

TC: Lucina Clarke is a God send. Just to be able to share my life and I story with her is a gift itself. Her organization does so much for our community, particularly the black community. Most organizations don’t really focus on us so it’s good to know we have My Time, Inc. Most of the money My Time, Inc. receives goes directly to the parents and the kids. The dirty secret is most well know organizations only contribute about 3% of net donations to kids while the other revenue go to market, promotions, staff, events and fundraising.

MRTV: What advice do you have social-entrepreneurs offering products and services to benefit causes like yours?

TC: Is that, it’s not going to be easy but to remember your in this for your child and all children and adults who are suffering. There will be many days you will feel like no one cares or [is] paying attention but you still have to get up everyday and fight the good fight. Always remember your Purpus no matter what.


MRTV: What advice do your have parents with children on the autism spectrum?

TC: Is to forget everything you read. Parents, Children and Adults on the spectrum require your compassion not your judgement. It’s very difficult looking your child in the eyes everyday and wondering are you doing enough, what will their future be like and mostly what will happen when your gone. We are under so much duress so when you see us just a kind smile or a helping hand can go along way.

MRTV: How has your business made you a better friend and father?

TC: Well, it’s made me a much more compassionate human being. It’s made me a great listener and hopefully a better person. But, it’s really hard to think of myself when the thing I want is a better world for our child.

MRTV: What is your favorite thing to do with Riley?

TC: Reading a book to her. Also, to take her on car rides that really seems to make her very happy. She’s a daddy’s girl. She just wants my time most and that I do very willingly.

MRTV: Finish this sentence: My biggest guilty pleasure is...

TC: I don’t really have a guilty pleasure but I will say my greatest joy is knowing I’m making a difference in my own very way.


Help Terry and support children on the autism spectrum with every purchase of Purpus Laundry Detergent. Visit them online at, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

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