Reel Paper, bamboo toilet paper that does good and feels good

There is a real lack of sanitation facilities. The practice of open defecation is a reality for many people but it doesn't have to be. One company has created a product that can help those without toilets and prevent the spread of harmful diseases. That company is Reel.

Toilets. There's aren't enough of them. That's because they're expensive and use loads of water, leaving 2.4 billion people with no access to a toilet. For every roll you buy, we give away personal, single-use, self-sanitizing and biodegradable toilets to those who need them most. -

Reel sent me two rolls of their toilet paper to review. Not only was I impressed with the product, I was impressed with their mission. Reel is making a real impact having created a toxic-free, non-BPA toilet paper made of bamboo while donating disposable toilets that can be converted into fertilizer. Over 21,000 toilets have been donated so far! That's pretty ingenious.

Reel is a 3-ply innovation made of bamboo fibers. Bamboo being naturally strong, Reel has harnessed that strength to create a soft and durable tissue that feel comfortable to the touch and does not wither at the sight of moisture.

Sustainably sourced from bamboo means Reel's production process does not require the cutting down of native trees and/or deforestation. Bamboo also requires less water. The need for less water to grow bamboo reduces the amount of energy used to pump water need for farming. This in turn reduces carbon emissions, those harmful gasses that contribute to global warming.

Not only is Reel making both an environmental and social impact, Reel is also real affordable. One case = 24 rolls, 300 sheets per roll. You can order your case for $29.99, have it delivered to your door for free every 4, 6, or 12 weeks.

Get your 1st order of 24 rolls of Reel paper for $9.99 - Click here

I used Reel for roughly a week and as an opinionated wiper, Reel meet my expectations and my personal standards. It is plenty absorbent and one roll lasts as long as traditional toilet paper. It was soft to the touch and provided appropriate cleanliness.

Check out my video below for more details.

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