Rocking a Struggle Beard? Black Beard Brigade is Here to Help.

I can't tell you exactly why, but there is something inherently sexy about a man with a beard. There have been studies to determine why women are attracted to the growing trend of beard growth. Women have been vocal with their opinions about the attractive, polarizing, and magnetic effect beards have had on them. Some suggest beards represent a certain level of masculinity, authority, and maturity. Others perceive a man with a full beard as being more healthy and trustworthy.

Whether he has close cropped stubble or a testosterone-fueled forest growing on his face, that beard is going to require maintenance. No need to struggle to find the right products. Black Beard Brigade is a complete line of products that clean, condition, and diminish dryness while restoring and maintaining the natural moisture of hair and skin. I reviewed the Beard Butter which makes hair soft and manageable as well as the Beard Balm used to style and shape.

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