Relax with a Cup of Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee

Scotty D's Coffee

Mannnn. Listen. I love coffee. I am not the one cup in the morning kinda woman. I have several cups through out the day. I am also bougie about my coffee. The aroma, the balance, the finish are all factors. I don't need a lot of cream or sugar. I need every measure of caffeine and flavor I can get.

Scotty D's Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

My preference in coffee is deep dark rich java that lacks bitterness and is unblended. In my never ending quest to review and support various different Black Owned Businesses, I stumbled upon Scotty D's Jamacian Coffee. When brewing, the scent filled my entire office at work; my co-workers drank it all before I could get a cup. They couldn't get enough. Now, I hoard it!

Scotty D's Coffee Rasta Lion Blend

Coffee derived from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica have long been regarded as the world's finest coffee. It is often the first choice of coffee connoisseurs.

I had to do a little digging to discover why this coffee is sooo dag'gon good. From what I could gather, the effort of growing, acquiring, processing, sorting, grading and roasting is extensive. The beans are found on the highest reaches of the Blue Mountain trees in a small area north of Kingston.

After being taste-tested, graded by size and checked for defects, only the best of the best qualifies to be branded genuine "Blue Mountain" coffee and ready for export.

Scotty D's Rasta Blend Coffee

Scotty D's is not cheap, drive thru coffee. Considerable effort is taken to bring this fragrant and indulgent drink from farm to coffee cup. I savor it. Sometimes when I am reading my favorite book, I enjoy the earthy Ethiopian Rasta Lion blend. It's scent is reminiscent of wine (another favorite drink of mine) which also accounts for it's acidic taste.

Scotty D's Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Occasionally, I like to sip the medium roast 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and color to alleviate stress and anxiety. As previously described, there is a lot of work taken to fill this 8 oz. bag so I think it is only fitting to sip it and do next to nothing, avoiding any labor of any kind.

Scotty D's Golden Blend

I reserve the Golden Lion blend for journaling and enjoying music on my iPod classic. Of all the blends, Golden Lion has the least amount of Blue Mountain Coffee in it. Despite not being as bold, this light bodied café noir doesn't need dressing up. The delightful hint of chocolate with fruit understones makes up for lacking the depth that I love.

Scotty D's Golden Blend

Overall, I enjoyed reviewing all three whole bean coffees from Scotty D's. It is not the cheapest coffee you will find but you cannot beat the quality. I highly suggest you visit Scotty D's site to learn more about the brand and the other blends available. Check him out Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr.

Go get ya brew on!

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