Sip and Serve These 44 Black-Owned Wine and Spirit Brands

Bag your next bottle of Black-owned wine, champagne, vodka, rum, draft beer, and sweet liqueurs from this list of international brands. Let the libation celebration begin. Bottoms up!

Abbey Creek Vineyard

AsLegacy Spirits, LLC

Aslina Wines

Balt Vodka

Black Secret Wine

Brown Estate

Callwood Cane Rum

Hear The Callwood Distillery Story

Charles Wine Company

Cremas Absalon

Darjean Jones Wines

Domaine Curry Wine

Earl Stevens Selections

Edelheiss Wine

FLO Wine


Harlem Brewery

Harlem Hops

Indigené Cellars

J. Moss Wines

La Fête du Rose

L'Objet Wines

Love Cork Screw

LoveLee Wine

LVE Wines

Markell-Bani Wines

McBride Sisters Wine Collection

Monikka Collection

Negus Beer

Okapi Wines

P. Harrell Wines

Pur Noire

Rhythm Brewing

Rivulet Liqueur

Sankofa Beer

Shoe Crazy Wine

Spaceway Brewing

Stuyvesant Champagne

Tambour Original

Theopolis Vineyards

Whiskey Wright

Wifey Rosé

V-One Vodka

Zafa Wines


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