Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli, Healthy Food Options Found in West Philly

Are you familiar with the term "Food Desert"?

This is what the USDA's definition: food deserts are defined as parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas. This is largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers' markets, and healthy food providers.

Consequently, residents living in "impoverished areas" where food deserts exist are also living below the poverty line. Take at look at the graphic by the Pew Charitable Trust's 2019 report of Philadephian's Living in Poverty.

The State of Philadelphians Living in Poverty, 2019

A food oasis, the USDA determined, is obviously the opposite - a community where access to supermarkets and retailers provide fresh produce that is affordable and nutritious.

Right in the heart of the 19104 zip code, where 30-45 percent or more of Philadelphians are living in poverty, the community has an "oasis" - a place of nourishment, refuge, and relief. That Oasis has a name; Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli, affectionately referred to as SOBAD Philly.

Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli

Photo Credit: Supreme Oasis Bakery

In a neighborhood where healthy food options are not readily available, Supreme Oasis prepares all of their meals and sweet treats without pork, trans fats, or MSG. In fact, the first ingredient in their food, is LOVE!


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Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli

Photo Credit: Supreme Oasis Bakery

Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli

Photo Credit: Supreme Oasis Bakery

As you can see in the menu below, SOBAD Philly offers a variety of homemade comfort foods, baked goods, soulful side dishes and sandwiches each priced economically for the community where the restaurant is located.

Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli menu
Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli

David Cabello, owner of Black and Mobile, the 1st and only black-owned food delivery service in Philadelphia, introduced me to Supreme Oasis Bakery & Deli, the Mother/Daughter-owned business who has partnered with him to deliver their prepared foods throughout Philadelphia.

SOBAD Philly's owner Nuyen Muhammad, along with her daughters Shom Emanuel and Tory Muhammad shared with me their goal of offering healthier cuisine to local residents and meeting the social needs of their local community.

The next time you are in Philadelphia, be sure to stop by Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli. I personally recommend the Crispy "Chicken" Sandwich as well as the Strawberry Bean Pie. If you are local to the area, place your order and have it delivered to your door by Black and Mobile.

Please visit them at and

Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli

Photo Credit: Supreme Oasis Bakery and Deli

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