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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Minority Report Featuring Black Owned Businesses Amazon Affiliate Site

In 2018, the number of African American small business owners in the United States increased by 400% in just a year. But when I speak to other consumers like me, the #1 reason they don't support Black-owned businesses is they don't know where to find them.

I started writing blog posts featuring black entrepreneurs and reviewing their products on my YouTube channel to give business owners a platform to promote their brands. My hope is this site is also a resource for consumers to discover brands and products they may have never heard of.

Minority Report featuring Black Owned Businesses, YouTube Channel

The second remark I hear from shoppers seeking to support Black-owned businesses is the ability to find similar products "cheaper". This practice and mindset is the result of social conditioning of the black community to 1. think less of one another, 2. think we can't produce excellence and 3. don't deserve higher quality.

If you are among those with this level of thinking, I ask that you consider the cost of doing business, the cost of overhead, the cost of materials, the cost of graphics, the cost of photo shoots, the cost of technology like apps and websites, as well as the cost of marketing and advertising. Due to the FACT that fewer African-American small businesses are approved for financing, often at lower amounts of money with higher interest rates, the cost of doing business is reflected in the price of the products and services black entrepreneurs have available. So sure, you can find cheaper products but that is because ours cost more to make and create.

Despite the challenges black entrepreneurs face, we still produce high-end fashion, accessories, shoes and more. Check out the 55 Black-owned luxury brands in this post and the 66 black-owned luxury brands in this post.

Nothing is more disrespectful than to ask for "the hook up" or worst, demand to receive items for free. BUT, if a discount is being offered, you don't have to ask for one. For the frugal shoppers, I created the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide, Black-owned Business Coupon Book. In 1 PDF download, you will find 75+ discounts from various participating businesses for $3.99. Subscribers to my newsletter can get their copy for .99¢. Click here to see the complete list of participating businesses.


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Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide, Black-Owned Business Coupon Book

I avoid box stores at all costs. It's simply a personal preference of an introvert who doesn't like standing in long lines. But I also love one-stop shop too which is why Amazon is where I buy most of the things I need. I am a Amazon Prime subscriber and I utilize all of my Amazon Prime benefits. I created an Amazon Affiliate store to address the third reason people have told me they do not buy black: there aren't enough black owned businesses in my community.

Well, the internet has made buying from black-owned businesses EASIER than ever.If you are like me and you are already shopping via Amazon, why not put a few black-owned brands in your cart? My Amazon Affiliate store removes the difficulty of finding black brands; I found them for you on the biggest online marketplace available and put them all on page of the Amazon website. Some of the best black-owned brands you see on social media or at Essence Fest are also available on Amazon, so why not support them?

Minority Report Featuring Black Owned Businesses Amazon Affiliate Site

Make sure you bookmark the affiliate store! As more brands list their businesses on Amazon, I will add them. Keep reading to see which of your favorite black-owned brands you will find at my Amazon Affiliate store.

Koils By Nature

Koils By Nature

Scotch Porter for Men

Scotch Porter

Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin

Capital City Mambo Sauce

Capital City Mambo Sauce

Grace Eleyea satin-lined caps

Grace Eleyae

Three resources to make buying black simple:

1. Interviews and product reviews via YouTube and Blog post features

2. The Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide, Black-Owned Business Coupon Book

3. The Minority Report featuring Black-Owned Businesses Amazon Affiliate Store

Please note: Minority Report featuring Black Owned Businesses will receive a small commission when you purchase products via the embedded Amazon Associates links.


If these resources are helpful, leave me a comment below.

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