Vava Specialty Kenyan Coffee from Soul and Story Inc.

Soul and Story, Inc. is a social enterprise offering curated finds made by women of Africa and the African Diaspora. This collective of creators produce fascinating home decor, accessories, and perishable items. One of those products available from Soul and Story is Vava Coffee.

Kenyan farms are positioned within the perfect terrain for growing the desired floral, sweet and fruity flavors of exquisite Kenyan coffee. Located on the equator but nestled in the high altitude of Mount Kenya, farmers harness the low oxygen and cooler temperatures that perpetuate the slow growth of the coffee fruit, allowing for it to develop its rich and unique taste. For this reason, Kenyan coffee is hailed as one of the world's best coffees, falling in the top 5 category and making up less than 1% of the world's total production.

As a partner in the Soul and Story, Inc, global collective of women entrepreneurs, Vava Coffee is made available to coffee lovers who believe in the mission and values of enterprises that develop, fund, and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. When you purchase Vava Coffee and many of the other goods available from Soul and Story, Inc., we enable creators, farmers, and merchants of few means and little resources to obtain an income and further their production efforts.

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I was enthralled with Vava Coffee from the first cup! It is a strong, bold flavorful brew. It has a distinctly rich and earthy taste that is smooth and more satisfying with each sip. If you choose to drink it black, as I do, you will really notice the slight hint of fruits and berries. Vava Coffee smells as good as it tastes with an aroma that is inviting and pleasant.

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You can find Vava Coffee at Soul and Story, Inc.'s website. It retails for $15 per bag and you can order both coffee beans and coffee grounds. There is also a 2-month subscription option with a choice between two bags of Vava Coffee or 1 bag of Vava Coffe and a bar of ethically sourced chocolate!

I share more about Vava Coffee in my product review now available on YouTube. Check it out when you click the video below.

Connect with Soul and Story, Inc. online, Facebook, and Instagram. For more information about Vava Coffee, click here.


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