Viola Fox Cosmetics Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

Viola Fox CEO, Erica Hardy, celebrated her fifth anniversary on July 7, 2019. Erica has shared her story with Minority Report featuring Black Owned Businesses in a prior blog post and since then, she has been working diligently to grow her brand and embrace the roll of a CEO.

Erica and her supporters are overjoyed by the milestone! Erica came back to Minority Report to share the insight she has gained through her determination to create an exceptional line of cosmetics as well as how she has stayed the course over the last 5 years.

Viola Fox Cosmetics, Black Owned

Photo Credit: Viola Fox CEO, Erica Hardy

"It is my mission to inspire, and create a beauty culture that embraces love, to unify us by allowing us to discover and accept the beauty in ourselves and others. My mission is to continue to provide quality afford products while placing stores around the country which will in turn will provide jobs across the country," Erica stated. "Let's take back control of what beauty is, how its demonstrated, and how its perceived."

Erica's has always had a flair for fashion, an enthusiasm for cosmetics and a desire to succeed. She has persevered, after overcoming homelessness all while caring for her children. How... how did she find the strength to step out on faith and start Viola Fox Cosmetics?