Have a great product that you need others talking about? Get it reviewed.

If you are looking to get your company, its products and services in front of thousands of consumers, you've come to the right place! Minority Report focuses on the best of the best products from Black Owned Business! Minority Report has a strong following on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ as well.  



Thousands of viewers come to Minority Report for thorough, honest, informative and fun reviews and giveaways. The amount of time and effort put into personal interviewsphotos and the blog in collaboration with my desire to see Black Owned Businesses grow all add up to an outstanding way to promote your product or business.



One-on-one interviews in come cases are possible, but with technology, remote interviews are a reality as well. Read more about the interview criteria here.


Word of Mouth Campaigns

Minority Report can work with you to grow your exposure in multiple ways:


  • An email campaign where you encourage your subscribers to forward a message to their friends!

  • In-Kind donations for future give-away's/contests

  • Re-tweet content, "@" mentions, and shared #hashtags for mutually beneficial exposure!

  • A referral campaign where Minority Report Facebook fans, Instagram/Twitter followers, and YouTube subscribers can send new customers your way, perhaps with a discount or buy one, get one 1/2 off!

  • Co-promotion- Creating shareable content seen on your website and Minority Report's website!

  • Event marketing puts your in from of best customers or clients with incentives available to bring their friends!

  • An ad campaign designed to get people talking about you!


Minority Report does not guarantee sales of any kind, before, during or after interviews, reviews, giveaways, etc. Product Submissions may be on a wait list of 3-4 weeks.

Word of Mouth Marketing is a powerfully effective influencing tool used to help consumers make buying decisions. Seventy percent of consumers trust branded websites online and 66% of people trust consumer opinions posted online.


Just look below at this infographic from Engenius: